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August 27, 2015

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August 7, 2015

Pavarotti tribute concerts in Copenhagen and Aarhus


On August 9 and 10, Joseph Calleja gives his final two concerts of the season with two Pavarotti tributes in Denmark in what would have been the year of the operatic legend’s 80th birthday. The Maltese tenor begins on August 9 at the DR Koncerthuset in Copenhagen where he performs some of the late Italian tenor’s most famous arias. He reprises the program at Aarhus’s Musikhuset the following day.

Inspired by the singer early on in his career, Joseph himself has earned numerous comparisons to Pavarotti. “Only one lyric tenor on the scene today has the honeyed tone and ingratiating style to make comparisons to Pavarotti and Gigli seem serious, and it is Calleja,” wrote Russell Platt in The New Yorker. The Times added of the title “the new Pavarotti” that “This title gets lobbed hopefully at plenty of new lyric tenors but there is reason to believe in Calleja.”

August 6, 2015

BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation launches “Growing Through Arts” children’s program


Following a “stupendous” Monday evening concert in Malta (Malta Today), Joseph Calleja continued work in Malta this week with his synonymous BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation. Accompanying Foundation chairman Roderick Chalmers, the Maltese tenor attended the inauguration of an art exhibition, “Art Through the Eyes & Soul of the Child,” at St, Patrick’s Salesian School. Curator and artist Daniela Guevska coached the young artists who participated in the program, which was designed around their individual needs and introduced them to various techniques and media over ten weeks.

The event marked the launch of the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation’s “Growing Through Arts” children’s program.

Young members of the BOV Joseph Calleja Children’s Choir were also showcased in Malta this week as part of Joseph’s annual summer concert, held this year at Luxol Grounds in Pembroke and also featuring pop sensation Anastacia and Maltese band Red Electrick. Click here to view excerpts of the concert.

Launched in 2013, the aim of the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation is to support talented young performing artists in realizing their full potential as well as providing assistance to underprivileged children whose situations are not catered for by existing social support programs.

Joseph's Blog

March 30th, 2015

Tracheitis – a singer’s worst nightmare?

It is without doubt that trauma to the vocal folds is a singer’s worst nightmare. Burst veins, nodules etc. is really bad news and can end a career if not treated with utmost care. Thankfully I never had to deal with the latter but what I had to face, very recently, was a terrible influenza which left me with tracheitis, which is a much dreaded inflammation of the wind pipe. My excellent doctor put me on antibiotics which dealt with the bacterial infection but what can one do with the irritation that the infection leaves behind in the trachea? Not much I am afraid. Steam inhalations and pulmicort (inhaled steroid)  will help control the cough but it can have the side effect of leaving you with candida (fungus) in your larynx that will also impair your singing. Loads of alcohol and caffeine free fluids is strongly recommended and cold air is a definite “no no” during recovery.  Humidifying the air where you live is also imperative especially in the bedroom.

In the end it boils down to keeping the immune system as  healthy as possible. Probiotics, good sleep and exercise will do wonders to prevent sickness or to speed up recovery if one succumbs to a bug.

Last but not least NEVER self medicate and always seek out the opinion of a trusted doctor!