October 10, 2010

Madama Butterfly | Houston Grand Opera, October 2010


October 23, 2010

“[…] tenor Joseph Calleja […] brought all the ardor and beauty of tone one could wish for to the role of Pinkerton. In fact, so sweet and alluring is the sound of his vibrato-driven voice that he made the arrogant lieutenant less despicable than he often seems. The Maltese-born Calleja, who will be singing three major roles this season at the Metropolitan Opera, has matured into one of the finest lyric tenors before the public today.”


October 24, 2010

“Tenor Joseph Calleja makes his eagerly awaited HGO debut as Pinkerton and confirms himself a major star – even in the tricky role of a leading man who’s both a cad and in absentia much of the running time. Calleja sings with such range, such ease and such a rolling, robust sound that every phrase is pure pleasure to hear. He projects extrovert exuberance and casual charm, as in his establishing aria about his life as an adventuring American vagabond, that somewhat excuses his later behavior, or at least helps explain Butterfly’s devotion. With his ardor matching Martinez’s soulfulness, their love duet zooms to that Puccini stratosphere of nothing-else-matters romanticism.”


October 23, 2010

“Everyone I spoke with at opening night hopes that Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja, who made his HGO debut as Pinkerton, will return to Houston. An arrogant, self-absorbed character in the opera, Pinkerton should demonstrate overwhelmingly confidence in his singing, and Calleja is a wonder throughout. He is a dream tenor of the highest caliber.”

Joseph's Blog

May 16th, 2016

Quo Vadis Eurovision and other stories

Malta did not win the Eurovision but lo and behold the sun still rose and the island (the center of the known universe) still spun…

My two cents is that Ira Losco gave a really good performance and that the whole presentation was excellent. She shouldn’t have performed cause she is pregnant? Come off it – I have performed repeatedly with pregnant opera singers well into their 7th and 8th month of pregnancy and trust me when I say that rehearsing and performing for a full opera production is much more physically demanding than a couple of days at the Eurovision. Of course there are those who know much better than the undersigned and who went on to say that the presentation was a tad “camp”…oh the irony when one considers that the Eurovision is the campest of them all.

Meanwhile, this wouldn’t be Malta and the Eurovision wouldn’t be the Eurovision unless its politicized to the exhaustible hilt. The inevitable “mud slinging competition,” which we will see a lot of in the coming 22 months, ensued and even yours truly (inexplicably) ended up in the midst of the fray, in yet another “supernova” in a tea cup. The Eurovision suddenly became an interchangeable bullet to be used ad nauseam by both sides much like bitter parents who use their innocent children during disputes.  I have always found sycophants interesting, even amusing but they will not be getting the much desired Streisand effect from me, thank you very much. It is part of human nature after all to conjure conspiracies and we are not going to let the simple truth get in the way of some exciting and convenient fiction.

Speaking of “conjuring” is it me or is a company advertising real estate using a chap “connected” with the tragic and unnecessary death of an underage girl? It must be a clone or a”doppleganger”, otherwise this would be the epitome of bad taste and a 100 shades of wrong. Don’t get me wrong I am all for “second chances” and all of that but shouldn’t there be due process first? After all Lisa Marie didn’t get a second chance did she?