"Calleja was certainly the uncrowned king of the evening, vocally and dramatically present from the first note on, and dynamically flexible all the way to pianissimo yet never ostentatiously flaunting the power of his brightly timbred voice. The effortlessness all the way to his unforced top notes opens extraordinary future prospects." - Gerard Schroth, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung September 2005, La Bohème at the Oper Frankfurt.

Joseph's Blog

March 5th, 2015

Leave the excellent Maltese bread alone

One thing which is pretty unique in Maltese cuisine is our bread. Its really quite extraordinary especially when eaten still warm with a table spoon of olive oil, some fresh Maltese tomatoes, capers and tuna or what many call “Hobz biz – zejt.” Of all and everything in Maltese cuisine our bread is the one thing that has some international recognition of really being one of the tastiest sour dough around. The Puglia loaf comes close but doesn’t make the grade.

I was quite bemused when I read that the local health authorities  are suggesting to revise” the salt content in Maltese bread, potentially altering an ancient recipe that is already under siege from mass production and modern machinery. I mean really who comes up with this stuff? Can we tackle the disgusting fast food restaurants selling all that processed food before? What about any alcohol, sweets, cigars and cigarettes? Why don’t we ban everything and anything that might kill us or give us a couple of bars more in our blood pressure.

Surely the road to take here is to indeed protect the artisanal making of our Maltese bread and to remind the populace, through education, that moderation and a varied diet is the key to good health. There are plenty bigger fish to fry than our innocuous “hobza”…