Cultural Ambassador

About Malta

The Maltese Archipelago, made up of five islands – Malta, Gozo, and Comino – and two uninhabited islets are situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, half way between Gibraltar and Alexandria, 95km from the Italian island of Sicily and 288k from Tunisia. Malta is probably unique in that no other place of its size offers such an astonishing concentration of cultural and historical attractions including prehistorical temples, archaeological sites, museums, cultural monuments, palaces and other treasures spanning the entire history of mankind.

The prehistoric temples are older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids by over a thousand years. All these sites present a living testimony to 7000 years of civilisation.

The Maltese people are known worldwide for their friendly nature and generosity and welcome visitors with open arms with an eagerness to proudly show them the treasures of their beloved islands.

First Maltese
Cultural Ambassador

I had the great honour to be appointed Malta’s first ever Cultural Ambassador in 2012. It is a role that has allowed me to passionately promote the island of my birth – a jewel in the Mediterranean steeped in history and cultural diversity – through my words, actions, and, of course, my singing, which takes me to various countries across the globe.

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